Los Angeles
Nov. 15 - 18, 2018

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John Rossant

Founder & Chief Curator

John Rossant personally leads the LA CoMotion team. He is the Founder and Chairman of NewCities, a major global non-profit institution dedicated to improving the quality of life and work in cities.

Timothy Gribaudi

Director, LA CoMotion Initiative, NewCities

Tim has been working with NewCities since 2015 and has helped develop the program and content of many Foundation events, including Cityquest and the NewCities Summit.

Greg Lindsay

Director of Strategy, LA CoMotion, Senior Fellow, NewCities

Greg Lindsay joined NewCities in June 2015 as Senior Fellow to lead our Connected Mobility Initiative. Greg is a journalist, urbanist, futurist, and speaker. He is a non-resident senior fellow of The Atlantic Council in their Strategic Foresight Initiative.

Janet McCartney

Principal & Director, PDW Inc.

Janet McCartney has spent more than thirty-five years managing teams, with a combined experience in marketing, sales, operations and production in the tourism, conference and event industries.

Katherine McCartney

Principal & Director, PDW Inc.

Katherine McCartney believes in focus and the pursuit of excellence and she translates that into her daily practice as the co-founder of Procreation Design Works, Inc. Vancouver-based PDW is an internationally recognized conference and event production company working with leading global clients, including the globally known TED Conferences.

Ashley Z. Hand

Senior Advisor, LA CoMotion, Co-Founder, CityFi

AIA, LEED AP BD+C is co-founder of the urban change management advisory firm CityFi, advising cities and the private sector on a more human-centered approach to smart cities.

Grayson Brulte

Senior Advisor, Autonomy at LA CoMotion, President of Brulte & Company, Co-Founder of Autonomous Tomorrow.

Grayson is the Co-Founder / President of Brulte & Company, a consulting firm that specializes in designing innovation and technology strategies for a global marketplace. Grayson is also the Co-Founder of Autonomous Tomorrow.

John Guevarra

Communications Strategist

John Guevarra manages LA CoMotion’s communications and media relations strategy. He is a native Angeleno and has a passion for storytelling, politics, and social justice advocacy.

Jessica Kim

Business and Development Director

Jessica joined the LA CoMotion team in February 2017 as Business Development Director. She pursued her career in sales and marketing with Showscan Entertainment where she led a production team to find the ultimate solution in media-based attractions.

Lucas Snaije

Outreach and Research Coordinator

Previously working at NewCities, he is committed to making cities more sustainable, efficient and healthy while pushing urbanism to be more participative and equitable.