Los Angeles
Nov. 15 - 17, 2018

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CoMotion Mobility Podcast

Episode 5. Space invaders — Greg Lindsay chats with LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds

Date: 09.18.18

Seleta Reynolds, General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and Greg Lindsay, LA CoMotion’s Director of Strategy, chat about what the latest comprehensive regulation of dockless vehicles means for the city of Los Angeles. This new policy encourages companies to innovate, as long as they are willing to comply with LADOT’s mobility data specifications and that they express the city’s core values through their technology. It also lays the groundwork for how the city will manage what’s coming next. Seleta Reynolds is a strong advocate for public/private cooperation and believes the city should start acting and thinking more like product companies, and vice versa. She discusses the need to raise the political will to build the right infrastructure in order to create complete streets that benefit everyone, no matter how they travel. LA CoMotion is a great place for companies and messengers to work together on solving real problems though the improvement of public transit.


Episode 4. LA: ground zero of mobility innovation – John Rossant chats with Matt Peterson, CEO of LACI

Date: 08.29.18

LA CoMotion’s Founder and Chief Curator, John Rossant, chats with Matt Petersen, CEO of the LA Cleantech Incubator on electrification, startups, the LA New Mobility Challenge — and why Los Angeles is hot, hot, hot when it comes to mobility innovation.


Episode 3. On Track for High-Speed Rail – Greg Lindsay chats with Michelle Boehm, Director, HSR

Date: 07.29.18

In this week’s CoMotion Podcast, a discussion between our Director of Strategy Greg Lindsay and Southern California High Speed Rail Authority Director Michelle Boehm. Catch up on the project’s current developments, challenges, and prospects for the state.


Episode 2. Mapping the Mobility Revolution – Greg Lindsay chats with CityFi’s Gabe Klein

Date 07.24.18
LA CoMotion’s Director of Strategy, Greg Lindsay chats with Gabe Klein, Founder of CityFi. A comprehensive look at disruptive mobility and how it will impact our future.


Episode 1. Mapping the Mobility Revolution – Greg Lindsay chats with CityFi’s Gabe Klein

Date 05.29.18

Deep dive into the world of LEVs with LA CoMotion’s Founder and Chief Curator, John Rossant and Terenig Topjian, founder of haveago.city.